Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pedigree Chums

Party Pooches {}

Forget Lassie, Snoopy and Rin Tin Tin... say hello to the hottest hounds on the planet. Brad Pitt wants one, fashion designers have fallen head over heels and Pete Townshend already has a pack of pooches on his desk. Domenica More Gordon's must-have mutts won't chew the furniture, chase the cat or bark at the postman but are packed with personality, making them man's new best friend.

It's A Dog's Life {}

Edinburgh designer Domenica started making the cute canines in 2008 while sitting around the kitchen table with friends. The secret lies in a special technique called dry felting which involves stabbing unspun wool with a felting needle. Each dog takes around three days to complete.

Man's Best Friend {}

Talented Domenica studied textiles at Central Saint Martins College in London and went on to work for publications like Homes & Gardens, The World of Interiors and Elle Decoration in London and Los Angeles. Her first dog show, at an Edinburgh gallery, sold out in just 24 hours, despite some dogs costing as much as £485.

Hot Dogs {}

Domenica is currently working on her first illustrated book for Bloomsbury, featuring sounds rather than words. It is due to be released in the UK in August. She also sells cards and DIY dog kits on her website if you're tempted to have a go.

Kitted Out - DIY Dogs & Cards

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